Please pray for and encourage our supported missionaries.

  • Tanner & Vivian

    Tanner and Vivian completed their education at the Ethnos360 Missionary Training Center and are currently team building for their desire for full-time mission work in the Philippines. They have a new son Arlo, born January 2022.

  • james & elyce

    James and Ely were married in July 2021. They are currently working at the Ethnos360 Mission headquarters in Florida. They are planning to go into full-time work in Manaus, Brazil.

  • tom & tanya

    Tom and Tanya serve with Converge in the UK and Ireland with their sons Elijah Finn and Oliver Wren. Working alongside nationals to see them developed, empowered and released to do the work that God has called them to do.

  • hedemarrie

    Hedemarrie, lives in Florida and serves with Pro-META, developing leaders in the Latin community through online Theological education.

  • jay & melissa

    Jay and Melissa have lived in Central Asia since 1999 helping to launch a church planting movement to the unreached peoples. Their son Kade attends Purdue University and son Ethan attends Calvin University.

  • enrique & becky

    Enrique and Becky live in Minneapolis and serve as Professor and team members with ProMETA, developing leaders in the Latin community through online Theological education.

  • josh & alyssa

    Josh and Alyssa live and work in the "little India" area of Chicago with Devon Oasis Ministry, helping to meet the needs of the large population of refugees, immigrants, and those living in poverty in their community.

  • adam & tamara

    Adam, with Tamara and their children Berean, Arilee, and Brennidy, live in Waukesha WI where Adam serves as an instructor for Ethnos 360 Bible Institute.

  • katie

    Katie is on staff with CRU, working to reach and disciple young men and women for Christ at local college campuses in the Milwaukee area.

  • caleb & sara

    Caleb, Sara and daughter Agata live in Prague, where Caleb co-owns and operates a small private kindergarten which provides opportunities to develop deep professional and communal relationships within the community.

  • ron & carrie

    Ron and Carrie have been with Ethnos360 Mission since 1984 and recently returned to overseas ministry in Romania after serving many years at Ethnos 360 Bible Institute in Waukesha.

  • kirsten

    Kirsten is soon headed to the Ethnos360 Mission headquarters in Florida to work while continuing to build a team towards her long-term goal of full-time missions work in the Philippines.

  • chris & dana

    Chris and Dana with daughters Piper Grace and Clara Jane live in Milwaukee, WI where Chris serves with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship as Associate Regional Director of Staff and Student Development.

  • lonnie & debbie

    Lonnie and Debbie, with daughter Rebecca, live and serve in Marseille, France. The Smiths continue to invest in the Merlan Church plant and network with other ministries to further the cause of church planting.

  • eric & hannah

    Eric and Hannah live and serve in Southeast Asia, using flight training to build relationships and share Jesus with those who don’t know Him in a country where missionaries are not allowed.

  • chad & jen

    Chad is a Project Manager of Central U.S. and Jen is Student Ministries Director for Nurses Christian Fellowship. They live in Sun Prairie with their children Hannah and Jack.