Redeemer seeks to be a place filled with disciples... who make disciples.

Our Core Values

  • Community

    We value something more than groups that meet and run through prayer and Bible checklists. Rather, we value smaller “communities” within the Body that truly reflect a genuine “brother’s keeper” mindset, always thinking about how to include others and see themselves as the context for deep spiritual growth.

  • The Word

    We value not simply an obligatory acknowledgement of the Bible, but an ardent embrace of the cover-to-cover story of the Scriptures as the final word on all that it teaches and the means by which the Spirit most pointedly breathes transformation into our lives.

  • Relationship with God

    We value a great deal more than a “conversion” to a settled, lifeless religiosity. Instead, we value “life” in Christ consisting of interactive prayer, character shaped out of a growing love for God and where the old “me” is being set aside for the new “me” that God intended all along.

  • Missional Living

    We value something well beyond giving a certain percentage to professional missionaries to reach others. We value being personally engaged as “good neighbors” in our own city and neighborhoods, living out our love for God, investing in high-impact efforts, going on the offensive to reach the unreached and the de-churched.

  • Worship

    We will not be satisfied with a worship that consists of a few songs on Sunday morning. We value a worship that overflows from God's work in progressively surrendered lives from Monday through Sunday, celebrating the power of the Cross and the utter magnitude of the Resurrection with an unbridled, joyous expression of praise!