Jeremy Horneck, candidate for senior pastor

The Elders and the Pastoral Search Team are excited to formally present Jeremy Horneck as candidate for our Senior Pastor position.

Jeremy is married to Anna for almost 15 years. They have three children: Haddon 12, Grayson 10 and Ainsley 8. Currently they are living in southern California, but Jeremy grew up in Sheboygan WI.

Jeremy comes to us from a Baptist tradition but agrees with the EFCA and Redeemer's Statement of Faith. He is willing to seek certification from the EFCA. He graduated from Maranatha Baptist Seminary with a MA in Biblical Studies, and a BA in Church Ministry. He has 15 years’ experience serving in ministry. His experience ranges from being in the mission field (Saipan) as an educator; a youth pastor, and senior pastor. His most recent role was as an associate/administrative pastor in California.

Jeremy has a heart to preach the Word of God clearly and faithfully. He believes passionately in relationship pastoral ministry - they frequently have people in their home. He also supports and works toward collaborative leadership and building leaders in the church.

  • Take time to listen to a sermon or two from Jeremy (below).
  • On Sunday, January 15th, we will have a congregation meeting at 10:30 AM to formally vote on Jeremy’s candidacy.
  • If you have questions, please ask an elder or a search team member. We appreciate your continued prayers for us and for Jeremy as we navigate this transition.