Our Vision

Our Mission — We exist to reproduce full-bodied worshippers of Jesus by living out the alternate story of the Gospel in word and deed before a world desperate for answers.

As a church family, we have set a primary goal for ourselves after we had prayed, studied and worked through what the gospel is and why we exist. So, from September 2015 and on for the next five years, we have set our course which is to... Unleash Jesus’ love to 5,000 people in 5 years.

We see the Greater Milwaukee area as our opportunity, even responsibility, to be a blessing in the name of Jesus.  So how do we know whether we are making an impact?

  • When we are sharing the good news of Jesus and helping that person become a follower of Christ.
  • When we are developing relationships that lead to spiritual conversations.
  • When we offer acts of compassion to the disadvantage and vulnerable that honor  Jesus’ name.
  • When we act as “peacemakers” in the community whenever there is strife.

You will hear that vision a lot. But, why we offer a special needs respite program like BREATHE or operate the Food Pantry out of the church building or speak so confidently about the cross and the resurrection of Jesus is because we want to have a powerful and positive impact on our community to the glory of God!

  • Our Core Values


    We value something more than groups that meet and run through prayer and Bible checklists.  Rather, we value smaller “communities” within the Body that truly reflect a genuine “brother’s keeper” mindset,  always thinking about how to include others and see themselves as the context for deep spiritual growth.

  • WORD

    We value not simply an obligatory acknowledgement of the Bible, but an ardent embrace of the cover-to-cover story of the Scriptures as the final word on all that it teaches and the means by which the Spirit most pointedly breathes transformation into our lives.


    We value a great deal more than a “conversion” to a settled, lifeless religiosity.  Instead, we value “life” in Christ consisting of interactive prayer, character shaped out of a growing love for God and where the old “me” is being set aside for the new “me” that God intended all along.


    We value something well beyond giving a certain percentage to professional missionaries to reach others.  We value being personally engaged as “good neighbors” in our own city and neighborhoods, living out our love for God, investing in high-impact efforts, going on the offensive to reach the unreached and the de-churched.  


    We will not be satisfied with a worship that consists of a few songs on Sunday morning.  We value a worship that overflows from God's work in progressively surrendered lives from Monday through Sunday, celebrating the power of the Cross and the utter magnitude of the Resurrection with an unbridled, joyous expression of praise!